Monday, 18th Dec 2017

In the Media section you will find a number of video productions and publications produced by the Let Me Learn Malta Centre.

The LML Videos portray models of implementation in the LML Process within the classroom community.

The first video revolves around LML practice in the Primary Classroom setting, with Ms Mariucca Fenech, a year 4 teacher, facilitating the learning process of her students using the four metacognitive characters: Geru, Fina, Faru and Zringi.

The second video, pertinent to LML practice in the Secondary classroom environment, portrays a number of educators coming from different school settings demonstrating different stages in the implementation of the LML Process.

The third video portrays an interview with a secondary school teacher who is a LML Practitioner. Ms Karen Bonello and her students discuss their learning experiences as well as their learning patterns in relation to each other. Their newly gained insights provide a new understanding of the way they communicate among themselves as well as with other educators.

Note : These videos are generally used as training tools for the Let Me Learn Professional Learning Process. In no way are these videos meant to depict the ‘perfect’ lesson, but they are examples of good practice of implementation. Above all, these videos are meant to instigate discussions between educators who are interested in the Let Me Learn and how this process can enhance their teaching experiences.

A number of publications of our magazine ‘Netwerk’ are also posted here in PDF format. Although the publication is usually circulated within schools, you can also access past editions from here.

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