Monday, 18th Dec 2017

How can I identify my learning patterns and those of my students?

The Learning Connections Inventory

The Learning Connections Inventory (LCI), is an inventory that is targeted towards learners from six years of age upwards to help them understand their various mental processes. This researched instrument measures the varying degrees to which each one of us uses the four different learning patterns. The LCR developed after six years of pilot studies with US and international students.

The Combination of the four learning patterns determines how each one of us learns. There is no right or wrong learning combination. The most important thing is to learn how to use the learning patterns as tools to help us achieve success both personally and professionally.

In order to make our learning combination work successfully, the Let Me Learn Process provides us with effective strategies that ensure the interactive use of all the four learning patterns whenever and wherever they are needed. This process helps us become self-directed individuals, solving problems and taking increasing responsibility for our own learning.

The different inventories available are the following:

  •  Inventory 1 (ages 7-11, English Version)
  • Inventarju 1 (ages 7-11, Maltese Version)
  • Inventory 2 (ages 11-17, English Version)
  • Inventarju 2 (ages 11-17, Maltese Version)
  • Adults Form
  • Għall-Adulti

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