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Monday, 18th Dec 2017

The Let Me Learn Professional Learning Process (LML PLP)

The Let Me Learn Malta Centre provides training to educators who are interested in becoming practitioners of the Let Me Learn Process. The training, better known as the Let Me Learn Professional Learning Process (LML PLP), is meant for a wide audience with an education background ranging from Kindergarten assistants and facilitators, to primary and secondary school teachers, to assistant heads and heads of school. Every scholastic year, the LML PLP usually commences at the beginning of January and ends by the third week of May.

This Practitioners’ Course is designed in such a way as to provide step-by-step help in the implementation of the process. Apart from providing the necessary information about the LML theories, the training is very practical since classroom implementation plays a major role. Moreover, the participants are supported in responding to the learners’ needs and address the multiple identities present in the classroom.

Following this training, mentoring and support are offered by our team as part of our continuous assistance to practitioners.


The Let Me Learn Team works hard so that the training process is as school-friendly as possible i.e. the logistics of the training provide for as much flexibility as possible trying to keep the disturbance of the school time-table to a minimum. For a number of reasons, the training sessions are held during school hours. Every session is repeated four times (between Tuesday and Friday) so that every educator can choose the time slot that suits him/her best. The morning session is held between 8:45 and 10.45 while the afternoon session is held between 12.00 and 14.00. The Practitioners’ Course consists of six non-consecutive training sessions of two-hours each as well as two full-day seminars and three school visits by LML trainers. As much as possible teachers/educators are grouped according to the year group or subject matter they teach. This year, training sessions are being held at Pembroke primary school.

Topics Explored

During the LML PLP, participants shall delve, among other matters, into the meaning of learning, the schooling / learning dichotomy, who they are as learners, the learning patterns,the Interactive Learning Model, the Learning Connections Inventory, differentiation, group work, etc. As the Training Process progresses, words become doable actions and educators start making sense of the holistic picture.

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