Tuesday, 16th Jan 2018
What is the Let Me Learn Malta Centre?

The LML Malta Centre has been set up thanks to a joint initiative between the University of Malta and the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education. The LML Centre is situated at the University of Malta in the Faculty of Education. The Centre is made up of the project coordinator, Mr Colin Calleja, who is also a University Lecturer specialising in pedagogy for the primary classroom and in differentiated instruction, and a number of trainers who have completed their training in the LML Process with Dr. Christine Johnston.

What is the Let Me Learn process?

Let Me Learn is a process that helps us understand who we are as learners. Once we have a clear understanding of this, Let Me Learn provides us with strategies which we can use in order to reach our full potential and become more successful in our learning process.

Who can benefit from this process?

Everyone can benefit from the Let Me Learn process, regardless of age, interests, occupation, learning ability or academic achievements. The Let Me Learn Centre in Malta is an educational institution that focuses on the implementation of the process in schools at all levels. Thus, Let Me Learn Malta Centre organises yearly training courses, the Let Learn Professional Learning Process (LML PLP) which are open to all educators coming from all sections of the educational field.

What is the Let Me Learn Professional Learning Process (LML PLP)?

The LML PLP is the training course that is offered to educators on a yearly basis. The training includes six 2-hour sessions and two full-day seminars spanning from January to May. The LML PLP is open for educators who show interest in becoming LML Practitioners. The training is designed in such a way as to provide step-by-step help and continuous support in the implementation of the process. Apart from discussing the relevant LML theories, the training includes hands-on, activity-based workshops, and also provides spaces in which the educators can experiment with the LML Process.

Who can apply for the LML PLP?

All educators can apply, including primary and secondary school teachers, KGAs, LSAs, subject coordinators, assistant heads, heads of schools and education officers.

How do I apply?

A letter circular together with an application form is sent to all schools prior to the commencement of the training. However, one can also download the application form from this website and send it to us by email, post or fax (see contact details). You can also send us an email in which you request that we send you a soft copy of the application form.

What are the dates of the training?

The training is usually held between November and May. The specific dates vary from year to year due to a number of reasons. The dates are normally issued together with the application form which is circled in schools in the month of October. If you need to have the dates earlier so as to make time-table arrangements, kindly contact Let Me Learn Centre towards the end of June, after the official school calendar has been issued.

What happens after I finish the training?

Once educators complete the training, they are offered mentoring services. When an educator makes use of this mentoring service, he/she gets continuous help and support in the implementation of the process. This includes help in the delivery of the awareness session, in the administration and validation of LCIs, and in the creation of the class profile, among other things.

Who are Geru, Fina, Faru and Zringi?

Geru, Fina, Faru and Zringi are the four characters/soft toys, each one representing a learning pattern. These soft toys are used in the primary classroom setting to help students absorb the learning patterns more quickly and also to help them in task analysis activities. Our experience has shown us that these characters have been very successful in the implementation of the process with young children. These soft toys help young learners to go through the metacognitive process much more easily as these characters almost come to life in their imaginative minds.

From where can I obtain copies of the Learning Connections Inventory?

The Let Me Learn Malta Centre is please to provide all the necessary LCIs to all educators who have completed the LML PLP at no cost. Educators can contact us by email or by phone at our office on tel:2340 2554. We can also provide bookmarks for students and brochures for their parents.

I need help validating the Learning Connections Inventories - from where can I get help?

As part of the mentoring services provided by the LML Malta Centre, the LML trainers can help trained educators to administer and validate the Learning Connections Inventory. The trainers can provide help with the creation of the class profile as well as in the delivery of lessons in which the LML Process is being implemented.

What is an Awareness Session?

An awareness session is a lesson in which your students are introduced to the Let Me Learn Process and the four learning patterns. For this purpose, we have developed a number of resources and ideas which can be utilised to facilitate the introduction of the process.

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